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Castlemartyr Choir – An Introduction.

What is it? :  Castlemartyr Choir (founded 1987) is an independent, adult, community based choir; with no affiliation to any other body whatsoever (Church or State).  There are no restrictions to membership of the choir, other than a willingness to attempt to produce respectably good choral music.  The choir is non-denominational.

What does it do? :  The choir rehearses and performs music from the enormous repertoire of choral music of the last 500 years.  The music chosen for performance is music of enduring quality, which can be performed successfully by singers whose only vocal and choral training comes from our choir rehearsals. The choir has the good fortune to have a number of music graduates, and experienced choral singers in its membership; and their experience makes it easier for less experienced singers to learn their parts quickly.

What is the repertoire? :  The choir performs music of all styles, but choral music by established composers from about 1500 to the present day dominates the choir repertoire.  We do a couple of pieces by contemporary composers every year.  The choir also performs music in popular styles, as well as arrangements of Irish Music from the past 100 years.  We perform a mix of Sacred and Secular music.

How is the choir organised? :  Choir policy is decided by the membership in General Meeting, and choir administration is entrusted to an organising committee elected annually.  All matters musical are the responsibility of the Choir Director (training, repertoire, performances, soloists and orchestral players, competitions, collaborations with other choirs or musicians etc.).  Choir activities are planned at regular committee meetings, which are attended by the choir director (who has speaking rights, but does not vote).

How is the choir funded? :  The choir is totally funded by membership subscriptions, fundraising activities planned by the choir committee, proceeds from concerts etc., and occasional donations.  It receives no State or Church funding.  Choir funds are managed by the Hon. Treasurer; who reports to the committee, and the A.G.M.

Where does it perform? :  The choir is well known all over Ireland for its competitive performances at Choral Festivals throughout the country; from Cork to Coleraine, from Sligo to Arklow and many festivals in between.  The choir occasionally does competitive performances abroad, most often at the North Wales Choral Festival and at the Chester Music Festival, and has given prize-winning performances at both.  The choir has performed as far from home as Vienna and Bratislava, and our most recent trip abroad was to sing at the Irish College in Rome. The choir gives many concert performances in the greater Cork area, as well as promoting its own concerts in the East Cork region. The choir also performs at many local Castlemartyr events.

Does it perform in church? :  Choir members from the congregation of St. Joseph’s Church, and some others, perform fortnightly in St. Joseph’s under the direction of that church’s Director of Music, who also directs Castlemartyr Choir.

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